Over the past five decades USV has established itself globally, as a reliable provider of healthcare products and services. Our global portfolio consists of Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (APIs), Injectables, Ophthalmics, Solid Orals, and Peptides, all of which are manufactured in our cGMP compliant manufacturing facilities across India.

As an integral part of our mission -to provide superior value to our customers through innovation and technology- it was only inevitable that we make a foray in to the ever-expanding world market of biologics. The core strength of our Biologics division is the ability to develop biosimilar products from the cloning stage, covering all aspects of development including the establishment of biosimilarity in quality, safety and efficacy. Through the dedicated efforts of our Biologics team, we now have five biosimilars in pre-clinical and clinical phases.

Through the dedicated efforts, we have Grasustek, a Pegfilgrastim biosimilar approved in EU via the centralised procedure.