• Development and qualification of cell based bioassays for recombinant proteins and synthetic peptides using colorimetric, fluorescence and luminescence technology, targeting various aspects of cellular function like cell proliferation, growth inhibition, secondary messenger pathways and GPCR activation
  • Development of receptorexpressing cell line by transfection with receptor gene
  • Development and qualification of bacterial endotoxin test (BET) method for recombinant proteins, synthetic peptides and small molecules
  • Development and qualification of Immunoassays (Direct, Indirect and Sandwich format) for identification, characterization and quantification of proteins and product/process related impurities
  • Development of ADA assays for Immunogenicity of USV products


  • Modern Tissue Culture laboratory well equipped with instruments for maintenance, expansion and cryopreservation of cell line
  • Flow cytometer
  • Multimode Fluorometer/Luminometer
  • Automated Microplate ELISA Washers
  • Inverted microscopes ( Standar and Motorised) with imaging tools