• Development of primary cell lines from animal and human tissues.
  • Cryopreservation of cell lines.
  • Development of in vitro cell-based bioassays for recombinant proteins and synthetic peptides.
  • Development of second messenger cell based assays.
  • Development of cell based receptor binding assays.
  • Development of methods for induction and differentiation of stem cells to various cell types.
  • Development of Direct, Sandwich and Competitive immunoassays.
  • Development of immuno-diagnostic kits (anti-drug antibodies and anti-HCPs).


  • Modern Tissue Culture and Cell Biology laboratory well equipped with appropriate instruments and a capacity to maintain over 300 new cell lines.
  • Appropriate equipment for development of bioassays like Luminometer, Fluorimeter, Nucleocounter, Inverted Microscopes with Digital Photomicrography System, Aggregometer and 96-well plate Spectrophotometer.
  • ELISA system for characterisation of proteins