At USV we believe that science-driven research holds the key to the development of affordable bio-therapeutics and this is substantiated by our continuous investment in infrastructure and technology. Today we take pride in the 600 sq. mt. of laboratory space that is home to our ideas and technologies.

Our dynamic research team combines both the academic and commercial realms and features professionals from some of the best institutes around the world with publications in prominent peer-reviewed journals. Our researchers spearhead the progress of focused research in a prolific and resource-rich environment. From the identification of a biosimilar to the development of non-infringing processes and its scale up to commercial levels, we are at the forefront of cutting-edge research without compromising on quality.

At USV, we nurture a vibrant atmosphere of creativity and are committed to the expansion of our scientific base by helping employees reach their full potential and recruiting fresh talent. The health and welfare of its employees being a priority, USV strives to provide them with the safest possible work environment.

The dedication, diligence and diversity of our research group give us the confidence that we will make a significant difference to the global biologics domain.